We are hundreds of thousands of people who seek a real path of peace, respect, equality and humanitarian contribution.


The SupraConsciousness Institute is a team formed of leaders and advisors who specialise in transforming a lack of knowledge and information for High Awareness into accessible SupraConscious information. We achieve this through a natural self-healing process which produces Bio - Energy frequencies, that not only expand and align the genetic structure of our DNA, but also awakens the state of Higher Self-awareness.

All members of our team have already gone through this process (the Awakening of SupraConsciousness), and now devote their lives helping others with and through this process. We have created several projects to share our knowledge, which are interconnected with several other social projects, integrating SupraConsciousness into society, and collaborating to assist the awakening of a new humanity.


» Eradication of Ignorance;
» Development of New Values and Skills;
» Integral Education, Leadership (of service) and Planetary Healing;
» Ecological and Socio-Environmental Responsibility;
» Awakening of SupraConscious Unity.