People all over the world also need access to the benefits of ancestral plants and medicines.

Shamanic medicines have been used for millennia by shamans and healers of various traditions to establish access to the unconscious and cure of various pathologies. These sacred plants allow a process of self-healing to be unleashed, bringing the consciousness of the unity of being, whose disintegration is the main cause of the psychic imbalances that the human being experiences in the present day. The shaman, instrumented to transit through all the worlds, seeks to recover in man that primordial state inherent to human nature, which is that of total integration.

Nowadays, in which a greater commitment and responsibility of the individual with issues of planetary scope is urgently shown, these medicines have played a fundamental role in bringing this greater integration of man with man, as well as of man with nature and with his own spirituality, making possible the much needed integration of the rescue of this circular movement (in spiral) of healing.

For this the medicines will be approached in their diverse aspects: cultural, scientific, therapeutic and spiritual.

We invite the scientific community and all stakeholders to contribute to this discussion. We propose some thematic axes to be developed:

» The use of shamanic medicines by the various traditions at all times
» The use of legalised shamanic medicines
» Scientific research developed on these medicines
» The effects on physical, mental and psychic health
» Legislation, supervision and control over the use of medicines
» Reports on the use of legalised medicines and benefits


The Shamanic Medicines Seminar on New Era's main mission is to bring information, so that mean can awaken from a state of alienation, promoting a cycle of seminars that aims to address the shamanic medicines as facilitator of integration with awareness required by the New Age.


Universities, City Halls, Institutions, Federal Public Organs and all interested citizens.


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The Medicines Shamanic Seminar in the New Age is in currently in the process of partnership with the target audience.



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