People who live in penitentiaries are also human beings. They need our help!

We truly believe that Behavioural Psycho-Education and Therapeutic Re-socialisation are highly effective measures to address a wide range of social problems. These social problems include significant behavioural changes that can target people living in penitentiary systems, outside society, in pecuniary and extreme social isolation, for the achievement and conquest of a new destiny, full of dignity, honor and human integrity.

The Psycho-Education Project is a social project, which aims to meet prisoners in semi-open regime, and people in conflict with the law, in which participants receive professional training, psychosocial care and experience of complementary therapies, such as Reiki, Meditation , Yoga, Family Therapy, Family Systemic Constellations, Gestalt, Gestalt Theatre, Psychodrama, Talent Management and Behavioural Therapy. We will also offer prisoners social rehabilitation, experiences with Ayahuasca medicine, also known as Daime, vegetable, hoasca and holy light, which is recognised by CONAD and the Ministry of Health, to provide moments of introspection, reflection and behaviour changes. In addition to the therapies, meetings are held specifically to work on the psychic conflicts and the personality of prisoners.

All therapies are practiced by qualified professionals, who will seek assistance between the inmates, to supervise the application of the techniques among the inmates themselves, generating a dynamic, cooperative, therapeutic and self-healing environment.

The Psycho-Education Project, is based on the very successful project of the NGO Acuda - Cultural Development Association of the convict and Egress ( ) the state of Rondonia, which has helped more than 400 prisoners in semi-open regime and more than 750 young prisoners of the region, with the spiritual and therapeutic model of the sacramental use of the Ayahuasca medicine. The same model is also applicable to the healing therapies performed in Aldeia de Shiva, with numerous patients with psychological disorders for over a decade.


Provide detainees and prisoners with means of self-knowledge, capable of significantly transforming their behaviour, attitudes and habits, so that they can redirect and reprogram their lives, through new constructive and transformative actions, and thus collaborate to build a new destiny, full of maturity and dignity.


Re-Socialisation and Re-Humanisation of detainees and prisoners, through spirituality, alternative therapies, talent management and behavioural therapies. A collaboration, whether short or long term, providing the possibilities of social reintegration of balanced, SupraConscious and collaborative individuals.


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At this moment the Psycho-Education Project is in process of being approved by the Ministry of Justice of Brazil and other competent organisations.



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1 Fabiano Carneiro (Akaiê) akaie
2 Dr. Ricardo Jaalouk (Shuman) shuman
3 Dra. Maria Olga (Shadi) shadi