Within us all are the resources and full potential to eradicate ignorance.

The Philosophy of SupraConsciousness arose to meet the human needs of integral self-knowledge, through a new model of education where information is shared in a systemic way to eradicate ignorance. Ignorance presupposes existential and spiritual poverty, causing human social suffering, lack of dignity and opportunity for personal, professional, family and conscious growth.

SupraConsciousness Philosophy works as a dynamic platform for high-level awareness information and is used to add value to the human experience, realigning the genetic structure of human beings to support information that can generate new opportunities for growth, in personal and family development, professional and consciential.

Through our projects it becomes possible to sow the seeds of SupraConsciousness at the heart of our society. We truly believe that together we are capable of transforming the consciousness of humanity, which is generated from high values and principles. We have an Action Plan Goal, which integrates the various Action Strategic Plans of various people and institutions around the world, operating through the Philosophy of SupraConsciousness.

The Philosophy of SupraConsciousness is very well defined by the mission and life experience of Akaiê Sramana, founder of this institution and serves as a manifesto for the foundation of the SupraConsciousness Movement, which is a contribution to the global expansion of a state of High Consciousness.

The Philosophy of SupraConsciousness integrates knowledge that will awaken the human being to his true essence. It will lead him to understand the reason of his own existence, in more detail, so that he can develop new humanitarian and planetary values.

See below the models of education that are integrated in the Philosophy of SupraConsciousness:


Through the knowledge and functioning of the Central Nervous System and the human BioEnergetic System, we have developed several resources to restore vital, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Providing a great sense of balance, harmony and well being, so that in this condition, we can really get to know oneself through a greater state of receptivity to oneself.


Through the knowledge of Neuroscience and Neurolinguistics, it becomes possible for the human being to know himself on levels of greater emotional, mental and psychological depth, in order to strengthen himself. This possesses a greater awareness of inconsistent information, which provokes degenerative and devaluation behaviour. We use various Neurolinguistic tools and resources to realign and expand the structure of human consciousness.


Through the ancestral wisdom of valuing nature, integrated into modern eco-environmental methodologies of responsibility, protection and preservation of natural resources, we promote various meetings and seminars within nature. This brings with it, greater information and lucidity to planetary environmental reality, with the objective of reintegrating and strengthen the importance of ecological measures.


We are based on the vision of Ancestral Philosophies and Quantum Physics to integrate science and spirituality into the social environment, providing a new platform for understanding and meaning of Life. Creating new resources, projects and social technologies, we are capable of raising the importance of valorisation, co-existence and harmony among all human beings and living beings on the planet. In the Institute of SupraConsciousness, we are all in Unity.